Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Annnndd I'M BACK!!

How long have it been? A year or two? I even forgotten about this place,,


Okay, so back to business, so I'm a new me! Yay for that! I'm no longer the emotional wreck that I'm used to be (Okay, so I'm still got emotional from time to time).

I'm matured now you see. I learned a lot from the past few months. So many things happen in life lately that I barely managed to keep up. I grew up from the spoilt daddy's little girl to big older sister who's providing for both me and my baby brother (Okay, so he's bigger than me but I'm still 2 years older!)

With the things that happen lately, I realized how sheltered my life used to be when my parents are still here. Back then, my parents never told me about the cruel society. I thought everything was ponies and rainbows! My mom always told me if I be nice to people, people would be nice to me as well. That was so not the case! Back then, I thought friends talking ill behind me is the worst case of betrayal. But now, it all seems to be the tips of an iceberg.

Gosh! Oh well. That's life I guess. Bring it on!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Pretend

I almost cried when I opened the front door only to be greeted with dark and emptiness.
I wish there is someone waiting for me to get home.
I wish that the is someone to scold me everytime I come home late.
I wish that someone will call me and ask about my whereabouts every other time.
But then, that's what parents do.
And I don't have them anymore.

It's a lot easier to play pretend when you are not alone.
Just pretend there were at somewhere far away.
Far but reachable.
Just pretend that they will answer your calls.
Just pretend that they will answer any questions you asked them.
They always do that.
They always know what to do.
They always know what's best for you.
Cause that's what parents do.
To always be there for you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ichigo's Evolution!! (or is it revolution?)

Behold!!!!! The Kurosaki Ichigo's evolution!!!! ( or is it revolution??)

Is it just me or is Ichigo becoming more smexy in the recent chapters? (o.O)

There is only 2 reasons that I could think of for Ichigo's recent smexy-ness.
First, all of the Ichigo's training and fighting is finally paid off.
Tite Kubo finally able to draw Ichigo after 400 chapters of practicing.
Oh well, whatever.

I know I should be sad and mourning over Gin's death (but for some odd reasons, I don't think Kubo want to kill him off just yet) however I just can't help from squealing in delight as the new Ichigo came into the scene!

YAY ICHIGO!! \(^o^)/

And here's a better picture of Ichigo. *smug*

(Pics credits to

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Is it just me or does Mikan and Natsume look like 18 years old instead of 11 years old??
Kids nowadays (sigh and shake head)...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Aizen's True Identity!

Wow! Aizen has butterfly wings?! (o.0)
Could it be that he's related to Sailormoon?

Or it might be that Kubo is one of the Sailormoon's fan tough.
Oh well, whatever!

By the way, YAY! for Gin!
Who knows that he has a heart after-all despite his fox-face.
The story is finally getting more intense. Can't wait for next chappie! (>3<)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Say what blind man?

A few weeks ago, me and a friend of mine went to Uptown Shah Alam (the night bazaar thingy) in Section 24.

Since it was way past dinner time and our stomach growls, the first thing we look for is a place to eat. After browsing along the variety food stalls, we finally decide on one. Well, that's not the point so let's just skip that.

Okay, while we were waiting for the food to arrived, there was this blind man whom was lead by his wife (I assume she was his wife) were asking for donations from table to table. This pair finally reach our table and asked for donations. I didn't trust this sort of things so I just shake my head and smile and hope they will go away. Guess what he said in return?


Yes. That's what the blind man said to me. At first, I thought I was just hearing things considering the noisy surroundings. But then, when the pair went to another table near us and received the same head shake responses, I heard the same thing again. Well, he improvised it a little though.

SIAL! Bisu ke?! Tak reti nak bersuara!

What the?!. How is he suppose to win people sympathies when he acts like a total jack-ass?

I meant, people can hear him swearing as he went from table to table (he swears whenever people declined him). And yes, he swears out loud and people can still heard him despite the noise.

I wonder how much he get that night with that attitude of his.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haruhi & Tamaki

Warning!: Contain spoiler for Ouran High School Host Club chapter 81. Do not proceed if you didn't read it yet.

My inner fangirl is finally coming out!
OMG! I waited 2 months for this chapter.
Finally! Haruhi and Tamaki is an official couple!!
I just love Tamaki's reaction on Haruhi's confession. It's hilarious.XD

Although, I feel bad for Hikaru though. I really like him and I hate to see him cries. =(

Aren't they look cute together?? <3

I wonder how many chapters will there be before it ends.
Can't wait for next chapter for Haruhi's and Tamaki's first date!!

Well the bad news is there is no more Ouran at Mangafox. And Onemanga going to shut down soon too. Why can't they wait till it finished? It's just going to be a few more chapter before it ends. (*sigh*)

Aizen vs Gin

If you haven't read the Bleach chapter 414 manga. Go read someone else blog. Cause this post contain spoiler.

Okay. Let's start.
Gin pierce Aizen's heart?! OMG!
I'm not throughly surprise though. I mean, I kinda predict that Gin will betray Aizen at some point. He kinda remind me of Severus Snape from Harry Potter. You know, the double agent thingy.

Let's get back to the topic.
Whose side is Gin choose anyway?
Why would he betray Aizen?
His he a spy for Yama-Jii?
So many questions that can't be answered until the next chapter is coming out.

Speaking of the next chapter (*shrugs* more like writing rather than speaking but whatever. No one cares) I doubt that there will be free Bleach translations at some point in the future. I mean, Onemanga is going to shut down their site soon and it is not available at Mangfox anymore either.

Why oh why must this happen when the story is getting hotter than ever? It is soooo not cool to left the story without knowing the ending. Common, it's been 414 chapters already! Can't they wait until the story is finished or something? This is so frustrating. I can't opt to buy the real manga since I have to wait like forever to wait for the current chapter to come out here. Oh well, there's nothing can I do about it anyway. I just hope I can finish Bleach before their free translation is not free anymore.