Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Annnndd I'M BACK!!

How long have it been? A year or two? I even forgotten about this place,,


Okay, so back to business, so I'm a new me! Yay for that! I'm no longer the emotional wreck that I'm used to be (Okay, so I'm still got emotional from time to time).

I'm matured now you see. I learned a lot from the past few months. So many things happen in life lately that I barely managed to keep up. I grew up from the spoilt daddy's little girl to big older sister who's providing for both me and my baby brother (Okay, so he's bigger than me but I'm still 2 years older!)

With the things that happen lately, I realized how sheltered my life used to be when my parents are still here. Back then, my parents never told me about the cruel society. I thought everything was ponies and rainbows! My mom always told me if I be nice to people, people would be nice to me as well. That was so not the case! Back then, I thought friends talking ill behind me is the worst case of betrayal. But now, it all seems to be the tips of an iceberg.

Gosh! Oh well. That's life I guess. Bring it on!

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